Love Notes

What families are saying about Willamette Valley Music Together         

So sorry we disappeared mid-way through today’s online class. We are staying at a cabin on Mt. Hood for a few days and doing the class in a different spot, and my laptop was set up on a futon with a floppy edge, so W accidentally knocked it over twice.


Meanwhile my laptop is really old and just last night started having troubles with rebooting itself suddenly and taking forever to re-load, so after it crashed it took 15 minutes to get going again! It is just one of those days.


But before that all happened, W was excited to show his grandma how music class goes and to lead her in the exercises. Thanks for everything.

We will see you in class next week!

Karen C., WVMT Rhythm Kids Mom

Weston started piano lessons this week! He is very excited. I really want to thank you for all the wonderful music classes. His teacher quickly noticed how much he already understands about music. She is experienced with young children and is doing a great job to keep learning fun for him. 

I just want to thank you again for how much taught both Weston and I. I didn't have a very strong music background, but now I feel comfortable singing and participating, and can even start a group of people singing Happy Birthday

Brenda Nagele, WVMT Parent

We look forward to music class every Saturday with Teacher Wendy! She does an amazing job introducing music and rhythm to kiddos! And is very knowledgeable and fun! My son asks for more music class throughout the week.

Kristina Parker, WVMT Parent

Such a kind and open atmosphere--an easy way to share music with the family.

Stacey Harnew, WVMT grandparent

Music Together® has been very educational. My son has really shown a lot of interest in the music, specifically at home and in the car.  I have found my (musical) ability has increased as well!

WVMT Dad from Wilsonville

We've had so much fun this semester! Even my husband, who isn't able to attend the classes, is now in on the singing action at home. It's been a great bonding experience for the whole family. 

WVMT Mom from Wilsonville

As a music major and a vocalist, I am impressed by the caliber of music for young people. Before this class, I struggled to find fun music for my young children that didn't
completely underestimate their ability to appreciate complex melodies and rhythms. Before Music Together, the 'kid-friendly' music I played drove me crazy. I was piecing
together playlists of 'singable' (and tolerable for me) music for my kids but that was time consuming. We sing Music Together songs as we play, in the bath tub, in the car (with or without the recordings), on walks, at bedtime, etc. My two-year-old sings and makes up words and syllables all day long (with and to his toys, as he's resting, the list goes on). He truly looks forward to our weekly class. This is an incredible, program that gives music for young people the treatment it deserves.

Anonymous WVMT Parent

The child-parent interaction and music exposure is great. I see it as an important way to advance my daughter's musical competency, and it's fun!

WVMT Dad from Tigard

 It is so fun to watch the kids slowly start to participate. When the baby blows a raspberry and shakes her hands with joy or when the two year old sings a line in a song or when a shy kid starts bustin a move. I love it! We're so grateful for you and Music Together!

Alisha Goodman, WVMT Parent

A random conversation with a 6-year old student at Northwest Children's Theater and School  

Child: Is that a Music Together book? 

Me: Yes! It's the "Bongos" book. Do you know about Music Together?

Child: I used to take classes with Betsy. 

Me: I know Betsy. She's a wonderful teacher! How long ago did you take classes? 

Child: When I was little, but I don't take them anymore. Now I'm in a choir!


Wendy Reznicsek, Cert. Teacher